Strategic Partnership with Logistics Plus

A company’s order-to-delivery cycle doesn’t always match its cash flow needs, especially as business grows. That’s why WorldBusiness Capital, Inc. (WBC) and Logistics Plus, Inc. (LP) have partnered to provide term loans and logistics services for U.S. companies exporting and investing overseas, and for foreign companies selling and investing in the U.S.

Through our innovative strategic partnership, LP and WBC provide a complete logistics and financing solution for both U.S. and internationally-based companies. LP’s state-of-the-art international logistics services, consignment warehousing and foreign trade zone (FTZ) operations, combined with WBC’s attractive $3 million to $15 million loans, enable companies to efficiently manage their supply chain. When products cross borders, we offer a complete logistics and financing solution!

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Logistics Solutions:

  • Air and Ocean Freight Forwarding
  • Ground and Rail Transportation
  • Customs Brokerage
  • Global Trade Compliance
  • Consignment Warehousing
  • Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) Warehousing
    • Erie, Pennsylvania
    • Dallas, Texas
  • Total Supply Chain Management