WorldBusiness Capital, Inc. welcomes deal referrals from the business advisors of prospective borrowers – investment bankers, business and project consultants, accountants, attorneys, and other key professional services providers.  WBC collaborates with business advisors to design optimal loan structures for their clients, as described below:

  • Advisor is engaged by the prospective borrower
  • Advisor assists the prospective borrower in developing its business strategy, including preparing a business plan and financial projections
  • WBC addresses its detailed Letter of Intent for a loan to both the prospective borrower and its advisor
  • Advisor’s retainer and success fees may be financed by WBC and disbursed at closing to assure timely payment
  • WBC’s loans preserve existing shareholder ownership and control, making our loans very attractive for family-owned, entrepreneur-owned, and private equity-controlled businesses
  • Advantages of working with WBC include our cross-border lending expertise covering many countries, flexibility to finance a wide variety of businesses, projects, and transactions, and proven track record of successfully closed deals around the world
  • In-Country Networks: WBC maintains active relationships with advisors in Brazil, China, India, Mexico, Turkey, and many other countries

Please contact us to discuss the financing needs of your clients.